The Study of the Elements of Work Alienation: A Case Study of the Urmia White Cement Factory, Western Azarbayjan Province, Iran

  •  Akbar Valadbigi    


This paper studies the elements of work alienation in the "Urmia White Cement Factory". Nowadays, along with technical and industrial developments, we observe extensive changes in the field of work. Industrial developments, work division, and development as well as some phenomena like mechanization and automation have changed work qualities. As a result, the atmosphere of work in our time, too, has suffered from these phenomena. Considering the organizational, socio-cultural, and individual elements, this paper explains the condition of work alienation in the "Urmia White Cement Factory" with the aim of identifying those elements affecting work alienation in that industrial unit. Using survey as research method, we prepared some questionnaire according to the Sorel scale for gathering data. Our statistical population consisted of 200 workers and personnel serving in that factory. As our sample, 90 people were selected.
Our findings indicated that work alienation had a meaningful relationship with geographical origin, marital state, type of work, satisfaction with wages and incomes, quality of human relationships with other workers and managers, uncertainty, confliction, and stress of role.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.