Summary of Research on Patterns of Unearthed Ancient Woolen Fabrics in Xinjiang

  •  Xiaojuan Mao    


The woolen fabrics relics unearthed in Xinjiang have always drawn double attention of domestic and foreign professionals, which have been carrying out a series of research works in the region from the past till nowadays. With the development of the society and the progress of science and technologies, the archeological and cultural relics of Xinjiang have also gradually come to the world, on which the research cooperation between Chinese and foreign professionals also grows. Archeology in Xinjiang fabric relics has also made great achievements. With the devoted work of these experts and scholars, a large number of fabric relics unearthed in Xinjiang have the chance to be presented to the world. Through their research, I have a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient woolen fabrics unearthed in Xinjiang, as well as the patterns, historical and cultural background. It provides technical and artistic guidance on the contents, objectives and scope of the research topics.

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