Bully Phenomenon toward the Apparance of Violence in Educational Institutions (A Case Study in North Aceh)

  •  Chairan M. Nur    


This study aims at determining bully phenomenon among teenagers who bring impacts of violence in educational institutions, and how to eliminate it among teens when the existence of educational institution away from all forms of violence in North Aceh. Qualitative research methodology was used. Data was collected through observation and interview techniques. A descriptive qualitative analysis were used. Data checking was done by triangulation of sources, techniques, and timing.

The results showed that bullying phenomenon among teens had the impact on violence in educational institutions, especially in a school environment where oppression and squash be a familiar sight. Initially, it was only at the level of ridicule, and then it developed into acts of repression, threats, and physical violence. To eliminate these, it should give guidance, advice, examples from the school, and enrich Islamic knowledge agains bullying.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.