E-Service Quality and Perceived Value as Predictors of Customer Loyalty towards Online Supermarkets

  •  M. C. Minimol    


Service quality is progressively acknowledged as a significant characteristic of electronic commerce. As online comparison of the technical features of products is largely costless, viable, and easier than comparison of merchandises through traditional networks, service quality is perceived as the strategic element of customer loyalty in electronic commerce spectrum. A conceptual model explaining the relationship among e‐service quality dimensions, customer’s perceived value and loyalty towards online super markets is proposed and discussed in the present study. The research design adopted for the current study was descriptive in nature. The research approach followed was field study, by administering a structured questionnaire. Online survey method was adopted for data collection, so the data source is online shoppers in India. The study pinpointed that the four aspects of e‐service quality, namely, fulfilment, system availability, efficiency, and privacy positively influence the perceived value. It also disclosed that perceived value positively contributed to customer loyalty. The study results brought about the catalytic role of e-service quality and perceived value in online shopping framework.  While designing websites of online supermarkets, the four pillars of electronic service quality needs to be focused on, considering their potential to promote customer loyalty to the store. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.