Moral Values of Javanese Leader in Serat Wedhatama

  •  Sudrajat Sudrajat    
  •  Djoko Suryo    
  •  Dwi Siswoyo    


This study aims to seek moral values of leadership in the Javanese culture derive from Serat Wedhatama (Wedhatama Script) by Mangkunagara IV. The Indonesian local wisdom of literary works was intellectual asset must be explore and transform in the daily life in order to realize prosperous of Indonesian society. This research used philosophical research method in which of Serat Wedhatama by Mangkunagara IV as a primary data source. The technique of data analysis used hermeneutical method with three procedure: verstehen, interpretation, and hermeneutik. The results showed that the moral values in Serat Wedhatama work of Mangkunagara IV consist of the value of courage (satriya), simplicity (prasaja), the kindness (setya budya), sincerity, and the religious values. Panembahan Senapati is the ideal Javanese leader who succeeds bringing happiness and prosperity to all Javanese people. The implementation of leadership based on these moral values by Mangkunagara IV succeed brought prosperous for Mangkunegaran people.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.