Russian –Gulf Relations: Reading in Present Interactions and Future Challenges

  •  Ahmed M. Taher Hassan    


The current study tries to examine the Russian – Gulf relations, which witnessed the stages of convergence and divergence. The main factor governing these relations between the two sides is the regional and international conditions and interactions. There are a set of variables which have affected the Russian foreign policy making towards the Gulf region. The study aims to measure the impact of these variables on Russian-Gulf relations and to explore the future of these relations in light of these variables. To discuss this phenomenon and achieve the required results, systems analysis approach is adopted. The study concluded that the success of the Russian-Gulf rapprochement must be built on common direct interests with multiple directions and must not be built on the urgent international and regional circumstances. Thus, the relations between the two parties must transform from the relations of attitude and circumstance to the level of fixed strategic cooperative relations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.