CPNT Model Analysis on New Media and “Gangnam Style”

  •  Kim Yong Kyoung    


PSY’s “GangNam Style” got the most views on various search engines for music around the world in 2012. The world has tremendously caught on the “GangNam Style” across borders regardless of race, nation and culture. “Oppa GangNam Style”, this lyric of the song by a funny Korean singer who looks fat with sunglasses has been hummed everywhere over the world. Main interest of people also has focused on this song recently. The song, “GangNam Style”, enraptured the world in a few months. A music video of “GangNam Style” was a huge hit on a great variety of video websites as well. Take “YouTube”, the most famous websites in the world, for an example. On this websites, PSY’s music video got about 1.8 billion views. It was listed as the largest number of “like” clicks on YouTube in the Guinness Book of World Record. Therefore, this article analyzes this case on the spread of PSY’s “GangNam Style” through the new mass media in order to determine reasons to hit the world as well as backgrounds to be popular. Due to this research, we can expect to predict a future trend of international spread through the new media.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.