Cultural Comparison of Students’ Union Construction between Universities Inside and Outside Mainland China

  •  Xiangli Ou    


The higher education has developed a new normal, which has brought both new opportunities and requirements on the progress of students’ union at universities. Through the comparison of students’ union construction between universities inside and outside mainland China, this paper analyzes student organizations of universities in terms of their development, establishment and approval, organizational structure, forms of activities and financial source and differences of management and development, drawing on the successful experience of which, the paper introduced suggestions to student organizations on the following aspects: improving management and system establishment for healthy development; increasing investment and support to strengthening engagement in society and innovating the contents of activities with characteristics for high quality; establishing an international communication platform while opening up for development. With all these efforts, this paper hopes to provide reference on the ways of building students’ unions of universities in mainland China.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.