Surealism in Wewe Gombel Drama Script by M.S. Nugroho

  •  Turahmat Turahmat    
  •  Agus Nuryatin    
  •  Suminto Sayuti    
  •  Teguh Supriyanto    


Surrealism was initiated in France by Andre Bretton. In Indonesia, this genre then grows and develops rapidly in most of the drama script. The problem that arises over this phenomenon is whether there is a continuity of this genre when it is reduced to the region of Indonesia, because a work is always born on the influence of socio-cultural conditions that encompass it. And the socio-cultural conditions of Indonesia are of course different from the socio-cultural conditions of France. Issues to be examined is in Wewe Gombel play by MS. Nugroho. A manuscript of Wewe Gombel by MS Nugroho is a surrealism. The form of surrealism in this text lies in the following points. First, it uses myth as the source of the story. Second, in its text, there are also events beyond reason which utilize the human subconscious. Third, the storyline in this drama contains events that can still be traced. The storyline was built on the tangle of events that connect between one and another event which forms an integrated plot. Fourth, the forms of surrealism are used by the author as a means to convey satire of the sickening human condition, especially the bad parenting pattern of parents to their children. There are many satires in almost every dialogue of the drama.

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