Study on Internet Finance Credit Information Sharing Based on Block Chain Technology

  •  Maoran Zhu    
  •  Xin Liu    


With development of Big Data technology these years, Internet financial companies in China started trying using big data technology to do credit investigation instead of traditional methods. But there is some limitation and problem in terms of data acquisition channel, information asymmetry and data privacy protection, etc. Block chain, characterized in unalterability and decentralization comes into people's sight. This paper will introduce block chain technology, explore the use of block chain technology in Internet financial credit investigation, and put forward an internet financial credit data sharing model based on block chain, which mainly composed by the Fin-tech Federate Servers group (FFS), the user data storage structure and a distributed database system (DDBS). By combining DPoS and re-encryption technology, the model has the characteristics of non-tampering, authorized access and convenient accountability. Through this model, the user data is recorded by the trusted agent, encrypted by asymmetric encryption technology, and anchored to the chain of the block periodically.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.