The Crime of Attacking Private Life in the System of Combating Saudi Informatics Crimes

  •  Khadijah Abdel Hamid Mustafa Al-Qteishat    


The Internet has become the scene of many crimes that are completely different from traditional crimes, including crimes against individuals' privacy and privacy, by accessing personal information and data that they maintain using the electronic means and media of the network, ranging from defamation to extortion, Theft and destruction of information, and may even be used to impersonate persons and commit crimes in their name, and so on. Private life is one of the most important concepts that fall within the scope of human rights enshrined in all international covenants and covenants, which are committed to protecting national laws and legislations in all countries. However, technological changes have posed many challenges to the criminal protection of private life in the Internet environment.

This research aims to identify the criminal protection of private life through the Internet in Western and Arabic laws, as a basis for research into the crime of attacking private life in the system of combating Saudi informatics crimes.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.