A Study on the Public Aesthetic Perception of Silk Fabrics of Garment -Based on Research Data from Hangzhou, China

  •  Aijuan Cao    
  •  Lanlan Yan    
  •  Yiling Zhang    


Silk owns a number of excellent qualities, while the perception status of the public on property regarding to silk fabrics of garment is unclear. In this paper, four indicators based on aesthetics as breakthrough point such as gloss, drapability, wrinkle resistance and pilling resistance, were used to analyze the status of the public aesthetic perception of silk fabrics through questionnaire investigation and statistical analysis based on surveys conducted from the public of Hangzhou, China as core objects. The result shows that the public owns high perception on the gloss and drapability of silk fabrics of garment and factors such as gender, personal preference, purchase and use experience, whether the silk industry practitioners are of a significant impact on perception. The higher the monthly income or education level, the higher the perception. Age and life span in Hangzhou are of no significant impact.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.