Identification of Fertility Enhancing and Inhibiting Factors: A Study on Married Adolescents in Bangladesh

  •  Sumaiya Abedin    


Fertility is associated with complex biological process of women life through the transition of pregnancy and birth. Some socio-demographic variables are hypothesized to affect the level of fertility, many of those factors enhance fertility where as some other inhibit the fertility. Our aim in this study is to reveal the most influential fertility inhibiting and enhancing factors for married adolescents. The intuition behind this is to explore the interaction of both enhancing and inhibiting factors on the level of adolescent fertility. In this sequel, a hypothesized framework based on proximate covariates is used to describe the theoretical relationship among the covariates and factor analysis is applied to identify the dominant fertility enhancing and inhibiting factors. Among all proximate covariates highest level of education is speculated as the most influential fertility inhibiting factor for adolescents.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.