The Feasibility and Methodology for Water and Land Paintings in the Study of the Ming Dynasty Costumes

  •  Xiangyang Bian    
  •  Meng Niu    


Chinese Water and Land painting contains lots of figure costume modeling, providing intuitive and vivid image data for the study of ancient costumes. It is a new medium for the study of Chinese ancient costumes. This paper analyzes the feasibility and methodology for Water and Land paintings in the study of the Ming Dynasty. With the Ming costumes in the Water and Land Paintings, this paper discusses the shape, color, texture and fabric patterns of the ancient dresses. The feasibility of using Water and Land Paintings to study ancient costumes is further analyzed in this paper. This paper emphasizes the importance of ancient dresses in Water and Land Painting for the study of its wearing effect, and the specific methods of research that are put forward.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.