The Deconstruction of Patriarchal Power against Nature and Women in the Indonesian Novels

  •  Wiyatmi Wiyatmi    
  •  Maman Suryaman    
  •  Esti Swatikasari    


This study aims to identify and understand the deconstruction of the patriarchal ideology power to the nature and women which is portrayed in the Indonesian novels, using the perspective of ecofeminism. The data source is the Indonesian novels that raise issues associated with women's nature. This study used a qualitative design to scrutinize the patriarchal power over nature, environment, and women in the Indonesian novels. Of the nine novels studied (Bilangan Fu, Manjali dan Cakrabirawa, Maya, Partikel, Isinga, Lemah Tanjung, dan Amba, Bunga, and Api Awan Asap, the following findings are obtained. (1) The studied novels describe the deconstruction of the patriarchal power that led to the massive exploration and exploitation of natural resources and cultural heritage and to disremember the values of local wisdom, (2) the novels show a tendency written by the authors with ecofeminism asthe basic aesthetic writing of the novel.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.