The Mission of Basic Education That Is Overlooked in the Border Country (Case Study of Education Special Services for Indonesian Labor Child in Sebatik Island Indonesia-Malaysia Border)

  •  Hardi Warsono    


The border region is currently still very identical to the "limitations" so almost all border regions in Indonesia have nearly the same issue namely welfare gaps to the Community border as a result of the limitations of the various issues of basic infrastructure, education, health issues to social economic problems communities are still largely dependent on neighboring countries. In the field of education is known for all education jargon that became the Foundation of the movement the fulfillment of education for all. In order to achieve the goals of national education the flattens, quality, relevant and efficient as mandated by legislation of the national education system the number 20 in 2003, where special education and special services (PK-LK) need very basic education gets special attention. A labor of Indonesia (TKI) at the boundary of the country generally citizens of the entrants in the Emergency Department and is busy with his household economic activities. The condition implies less serious handling education for their child. This problem is compounded by the limited educational facilities at the border. To address this movement of strange education boundary is required.

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