The Teacher Development in Physical Education: A Review of the Literature

  •  Carrie Li-Juan Wang    
  •  Amy Sau-Ching Ha    


The purpose of this article was to provide a review of the research on the professional development of physical education (PE) teachers. The structured approach (Erich, Hansford and Tennent, 2004) was used for the search and analysis of literature. First, searching through computerized education databases, a total of 56 research-based articles were included in this review. Second, demographic data were summarized and analyzed according to the geographic distribution, study periods, research method, research design, and participants. Third, a review and analysis of the findings from these studies were presented according to three themes: impact of PE teacher development, types of PE teacher development, and influencing factors. The article concluded with a discussion of key issues in three themes and the recommendation for the future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.