The Dark Side of Social Media: A Reality Becoming More Contemporary by the Day

  •  Ajith Sundaram    


Social media was started with the intention of expelling the darkness from the lives of people by way of sharing knowledge, networking and communicating with near and dear. It all started with the purpose of imparting its benefits to all and making it user friendly. But the liberation of the down trodden, intended to voice their opinions, was turned into a hysterical chaos given the liberal mindedness of the people. What started off as a source of knowledge turned people into gadget freaks, attention seeking, financial and societal deficits. Given the nature of social media combined with the need to be social has turned it into a platform to mirror the human’s self-image. The world has become a ball of information enabling people to never look or stop anywhere. The world is alive and networked 24/7. The digitalization of media turned out to be a flourishing business, especially through social media, smartphones, tablets and apps. A few billion people are always online and it is expected that heaps of devices and sensors will be available on the web soon.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.