Supernatural Women Modernity in Indonesian Literature

  •  Harjito Harjito    


In Indonesia, people who have supernatural powers are not strange today and the past and in literary texts around daily life. They are called human supernatural man. In Javaarea, parts of Indonesia, the spirit and the magics that are spiritual are more superior and respectful than body and physicality. Those are indicated by the presence many pilgrims visiting the tomb. Supernatural man comes to protect their families, small communities, and environment. As a patron family, women who have supernatural power keep the family unity. As a protector of the people that is in lower social classes, she beats humans with cruel, angry, wicked, conceited, and arrogant personality and turned it into a noble human character as a humble, quiet, patient, forgiving, and polite. In addition, supernatural women are presented as a form of resistance to modernity and economic development in a various things that are physical, ignoring the religious-spiritual; get rid of lower social class, andenvironmental destrcution.

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