Support and Control: The Biaxial Relationship between Government and Social Organizations

  •  Yijun Hu    


In an era with rapidly developing social organizations, the policies and strategies made by the government and its role in social organizations have been the focus of research. Indeed, extraneous civil society theory and corporatism theory have certain explanatory power. However, these two theories do not quite conform to the national situation of China. Based on this background, this paper is conducted with a focus on administration of social organizations by the government. With an analysis of both theory and current status, this paper breaks through the traditional uniaxial relationship and puts forward that the relationship between the government and social organizations is actually biaxial. That is to say, the effect of the government is indispensable and its two roles of support and control on social organizations are separated. On this basis, we further expound the model of support and control in the biaxial relationship.

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