The Determinants of Repeat Purchase Intention for Luxury Brands among Generation Y Consumers in Malaysia

  •  Mohammad Hussain    


Repeat purchasing has now become a critical factor for marketers, especially in the luxury goods market. Repeat purchasing not only saves costs (as opposed to attracting new customers), but increases sales as well. Both past and current researchers have been keen in investigating what drives consumers to repeat their purchase. The purpose of this academic research is to examine the relationship between Hedonic Value (HV), Satisfaction (S), Consumer Inertia (CI) and Product Attribute (PA) with the Repeat Purchase Intention (RPI) for luxury brands among Generation Y consumers in Malaysia. As such, eight luxury brands have been selected to investigate the consumer behaviour of consumers in Malaysia, in relation to the repeat purchase intention. This is a quantitative study that collected data from 134 respondents. Findings reveal that Hedonic Value and Satisfaction have positive and significant correlation with Repeat Purchase Intention, with Satisfaction being the strongest predictor of Repeat Purchase Intention. The findings can be used by marketers in Malaysia to aid them in creating marketing strategies to maintain their current customer base, as well as attract new customers to purchase their luxury brands within their target market. This study can also motivate current researchers to further investigate in the field of luxury brands, in an attempt to bridge the gap between luxury brands and Repeat Purchase Intention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.