Personal Relations and Formation of Employment Strategy in a Labor Market

  •  Chinasak Suwan-achariya    


Among the economical crisis existence in today has suffered important problem as looking for a job. This paper purposes to analyze the way of application tendency through previous quality for applicants compare with the employment strategy in a labor market. Analysis of the employment strategy is by using personal resume in Songkhla agricultural area. 
Researching results show that social network is like the employment strategy which expects the labor market. As though economical crisis existence measure of unemployment is more than 1/2.Changing position is supported by friends, relations and family.
Analysis result of employment strategy cannot refuse that social network is flexible and universal. The employment strategy is supported from social network as using principle of employment through the personal relations. The finding for a job which is used social network. It has to be evaluated social network activities. The flexibility is being estimated and disagreed with the labor market requirement.

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