Designing Job Descriptions for Toxicology Nurses

  •  Sanaa Abd Elmonem Gharib    
  •  Nehad Ezz-Eldin Abdullah Fekry    


This study aimed at designing job descriptions (JDs) for toxicology nurses at NECTR - Cairo University Hospitals. The Center composed of ICUs (24beds) and ER (4beds).Throughout the “developing of JDs" the methodological design was used. The Sample composed of all Nursing Staff at NECTR (N=30). The Nursing Activity Checklist and Job Analysis Questionnaire tools were developed, with 12 dimensions and 123 items and had an excellent reliability and validity. The Nurses’ roles were described and identified for the highest and lowest tasks, to examine the frequency, importance, and difficulty of each task. Thus each category had various duties and tasks. Based on the Jury/ experts' opinions, the investigator developed validated JDs for Toxicology Nurses (DON, Deputy DON, Charge Nurse and Staff Nurse). The educational sessions were successful in increasing the nurse's knowledge about the newly designed JDs. This study concluded that it is necessary to implement the designed JDs and develop educational programs to improve the nurses' disabilities at NECTR. r, encounters several factors and problems derived from the level of participation up to the readiness of local election committee.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.