Multi-factor Consideration in Selection of a Capital for a Country

  •  Dachang Liu    


Selection of a capital is of critical importance to security and stability of a country and consolidation of its regime. In selection of the capital in all Chinese dynasties over the past, what the governors usually take into account contained a variety of factors, such as, the strategic military position of a city, its economic development, its traffic convenience condition, its ethnic relations, etc. The same is true with other countries. Consideration of multi-factors is an inevitable route in selection of a capital. With development of the time and swift increase of population, capitals of some countries might be encountered with contradictions between population resources and environmental pressure and political functions. To resolve these contradictions, these countries, one after another, take different measures by moving their capitals elsewhere and decomposing functions. To the end of give play to the political function of a capital and maintain the integration capacity of a country, it is a must to pay attention to and deal with the issue of capital.

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