Solutions to the Advancement of Stem Cell Research

  •  Sharon Huang    
  •  Erick Huang    
  •  Chao Shen Huang    


Stem cell research is a developing field of research that is both promising and exciting. Although research has greatly furthered scientists’ knowledge of pathological diseases, stem cell research is not unmet with controversy. These oppositions stall the advancement of stem cell therapy and its potential to cure or save millions of people’s lives, an obstacle that should be overcome for the benefit of many. Thus, to get rid of the obstacles that prohibit the advancement of stem cell research, the public should be taught the basics of stem cell research through federal funded advertisements, a research institution gathering scientist worldwide should be established outside of the US with the goal of primarily conducting stem cell research, wherever the institution is established, funding for research should not be limited to governmental funding, and finally, an international guideline for stem cell research should be established.

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