How Can Ibn Khaldun’s Economic Philosophy Revive the Intellectual Capital of Entrepreneurs

  •  Sakinah Mat Zin    
  •  Ahmad Azrin Adnan    
  •  Iskandar Hasan Abdullah    


Ibn Khaldun’s magnificent reflections on the economic growth and philosophical insights into the behavior of human beings and society, as well as interrelationships among various disciplines such as politics, economics, sociology and education have reckoned him the outstanding figure in the social sciences and one of the greatest philosophers in the world. A comprehending to Ibn Khaldun’s Economic Philosophy and its outcomes for outstanding business performance assists entrepreneurs in managing intellectual capital (IC) purposefully. IC is deliberated as an indispensable factor in an organizational exertion to accentuate on bringing about competitive gains and augmenting value creations in knowledge-based economy. Instead of engaging merely on innovativeness of new products, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs must also concentrate on administering IC in accordance to Ibn Khaldun’s Economic Philosophy. This paper targets to appreciate and re-examine contributions in Ibn Khaldun’s Economic Philosophy and IC in entrepreneurial researches and indicate how Ibn Khaldun’s Theory of Development is pertinent to research in the expanse of IC.

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