A Study of Customer Preferences of Recurring Deposits in Post Offices over Banks

  •  M. Rajeswari    


The study aims to understand the recurring deposit scheme of post office & the allied services along with the customer satisfaction level towards recurring deposits. The study also paves way to identify the areas which require improvement. The critical success factors are also identified in the study. Comparative analysis of the recurring deposit in post office and banks will enable the post office employees to identify their key differentiating factors and also help them to retain and expand their base of the recurring deposit holders. Multiple choice questions have been chosen to collect the responses from 100 recurring deposit holders. Convenience sampling method is employed in the research work. The data collected is analyzed through various statistical tools like Karl Pearson’s Correlation and One-way Anova test. Suggestions given in the study will help the postal department to retain and attract new recurring deposit account holders.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.