The Development of Home Decorative Vetivers Seat Cushion

  •  Rosjana Chandhasa    


The aims of this study were: 1) to create a home decorative vetiver seat cushion. 2) To evaluate the received product design (the home decorative vetiver seat cushion), as well as the development process, which covers the research and trial-production improvement by cooperating with vetiver handicraftsmen; furthermore, its procedures consisted of: 1) searching for cultural capital in order to be an inspiration in product design; 2) experimenting to develop the product; 3) summarizing the development procedures; and 4) presenting the result of developed handcraft vetiver sitting-pad model on the following. 1) The identity of handicraftsman community: it should be investigated from the aspect of cultural capital represented by the earthenware shape as well as fabric pattern, 2) the delicate figure and pattern, 3) the usability: the design, size and proportion are suitable and easy to use, 4) the vetiver leaf and production process: the leaves should be tough, strong and hard to be torn; moreover, regarding weaving and finishing the rim, it should be done neatly without visible welded joints, and also 5) the product quality: each part is assembled fixing by leather, inside of the product is attached by cloth as well as filled with leftover fabric. Besides, the sewing should be considerably emphasized the strength to carry weight. In addition, the overall assessment of handcraft vetiver seat cushion model is at a high level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.