The Effectiveness of Likes Method in Improving Reading Skills of Orang Asli Students

  •  Norwaliza Wahab    
  •  Ridzuan Jaafar    
  •  Ramlee Mustapha    
  •  Arasinah Kamis    
  •  Haryanti Mohd Affandi    


This study aims to examine the effectiveness of the LIKES method in teaching KVKV (consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel) syllables in bahasa Melayu (Malay language) among Orang Asli students in primary schools. This research was conducted in two Orang Asli schools consisting of pupils aged 8 to 10 years as the subjects of the study. Quasi-experimental methods were used to determine the effectiveness of the LIKES method. Assessments were carried out for eight weeks including diagnostic tests as well as pre and post tests. The results showed significant differences in the reading skills of the control group (CG) and experimental group (EG). The study found that the reading skills according to gender was not a significant. Results from the observations showed the Orang Asli students are more focused and enjoyed to learn while using LIKES method in class. The findings clearly show that the LIKES method are suitable to be given to Orang Asli students, or students in remedial classes to improve the skills of reading especially KVKV syllables in bahasa Melayu.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.