Role of EMI and Resultant Impact on Career Development of Chinese Students

  •  Xiaoyong He    
  •  Lixia Wen    
  •  Ravikiran Honavar Divyashreem    
  •  Yongzhong Deng    


With the ever-changing trends in internationalization of higher education in the recent past, English has been adopted as an effective medium of instruction for many students in various universities all over the world. However, with all its merits, evidence shows that English medium of instruction (EMI) is not very much popular mode of learning in universities across mainland China.

This research is an endeavor to highlight the merits of EMI and its associate linkages to career development of Chinese students. While comparing with Chinese medium of instructions (CMI), the findings of this paper have suggested that EMI has a positive impact on the career development of students. Those students who have taken courses in English medium have received better jobs and more opportunities for fair career growth.

It is further argued that EMI not only assist the individuals in shaping their better future, but it also facilitates in providing efficient labor force for the growing economies. As part of globalization, large numbers of firms are pouring into China. Resultantly, various companies are vigorously searching for graduates with high level of English proficiency. To this end, the role of EMI programs is highly significant in providing right candidates for the corporate sector. Given the need of current employers, it is highly recommended to establish more EMI programs in Chinese institutions. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.