Stages of Concern in Integrating E-Learning in the Jordanian Discovery Schools

  •  Soon Fook Fong    
  •  Khader AL-Rawajfih    
  •  Sharifah Norhaidah Syed Idros    


This study examines teachers’ stages of concerns in Jordan Discovery schools on the integration of e-learning into their teaching. The moderator variables identified were gender and teaching experiences. A total of 350 teachers were randomly stratified from all secondary Discovery schools in the four districts (strata) of the capital, Amman. The findings of this study indicated that overall, Discovery school teachers are dominantly at the stage of ‘personal’ on the different stages of concerns. Male and female teachers do not show any difference in any of these categories but taken from the perspective of teaching experiences, only teachers in the 1-5 years were placed at the stage of ‘collaboration’ while the rest were at the ‘personal’ on the different stages of concerns. It was found that teachers’ stage of management, stage of informational and stage of consequence contribute significantly on the variance of the integration of e-Learning.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.