Policy Implementation of Improving Education Quality of Primary Education Teachers in Laos and Indonesia

  •  Viengdavong Luangsithideth    
  •  Muhammad Huda    
  •  Ahmad Supriyanto    
  •  Bambang B. Wiyono    


The purpose of this research is to get deep meaning of policy implementation to improve quality of primary education teachers in Laos and Indonesia. Research locations are in the Ministry of Education in those both countries. This research used a qualitative approach with a multi-case study design. First, policy formulation consider the aspect of novelty and national education goals; second, policy dissemination of existing policies do after getting approval from parliament, as well as socialization is done to the department of education in each provinces and districts; third, policy implementation process is done by establishing a monitoring team to oversee that the policy can work well; fourth, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation is done periodically, at least every six months, and the results of the evaluation are reported to the Ministry; fifth, gaps in the policy implementation is because monitoring can not be run with maximum caused by geographical conditions and the weakness of the role of school supervisors; sixth, efforts to repair gaps in the implementation of policies to improve the quality primary school teachers is to make laws on the teacher, as well as to provide training to teachers and principals.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.