Research on the Data Collection and Management Model of College Students’ Physical Fitness Test in Qingdao

  •  Xiao-dong Chu    


In this article, some factors of the college students in Qingdao city are analyzed, such as basic situation, physical index scores, test scores, grades and the test of time and place, and personnel information, and the organization structure. The organization and arrangement of research and pilot testing staff, before the test and specific publicity notice the test group and the division of grades of reporting and summary, achievement upload and publicity, and supplementary work arrangements for some students, filing and management performance upload the test results of check and review work form are studied. To explore a suitable mode for the majority of college students physical health test data collection and management, to meet the standard of students' physique test data collection and management, achieve the aim that exploring a real, scientific, efficient and reasonable test data acquisition and management mode.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.