On British-American Special Relations through 9.11 Event

  •  Renfeng Zhang    


For a long time, America and Britain have been keeping a kind of special relations. Britain has always been the follower of America in many international issues, and paced with America accordingly. When 9.11 Event broke out, Britain still was the first one who wanted to cooperate with America to fight against terrorism. In the process of European integration, Britain was relatively isolated, known as “Europe’s orphan”. Strengthening the special relations with the United States, can not only enhance the status of the United Kingdom in Europe, but also can enhance Britain's standing in international affairs. Therefore, Britain seized the very opportunity to maintain consistency with the United States.
However, there were some serious conflicts of interest between Britain and the United States in other parts of the world. It seemed that there are no so-called special relations between them. From time to time, the United States was dragged on the British interest edge, mainly because Britain wanted the United States to bear some responsibilities for it, while Britain did not want itself to be the most powerful country as to bear the responsibility of maintaining the present situation.

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