Intellectual Capital: How Do Islamic Ethics Rejuvenate It?

  •  Sakinah Mat Zin    
  •  Ahmad Azrin Adnan    
  •  Iskandar Hasan Abdullah    


In this era of knowledge-based economy, intellectual capital (IC) is considered as a critical component in an organizational effort to emphasize on accomplishing competitive advantages and enhancing value added for the organization. Besides concentrating only on new product innovations, small and medium enterprises should also be engaged in managing IC in accordance to Islamic teachings. An understanding to Islamic ethics and its upshots for superior performance facilitates entrepreneurs in managing IC strategically. This paper aims to re-scrutinize several contributions in Islamic ethics and IC in SME entrepreneurial researches, ascertain the main elements of IC as well as Islamic work ethics (IWE); and thus show how IWE is relevant for research in the area of IC.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.