Natural Disaster Mitigation through Integrated Social Learning Science in Primary School

  •  Setyo Atmojo    
  •  Deri Anggraini    
  •  Taufik Muhtarom    


This research aims to develop a learning model in disaster volcanic eruptions, floods and earthquakes integrated in social science subjects and in elementary school level. This learning model includes five features, namely: (1) the model syllabus and lesson plans, (2) the theme and subthemes, (3) teaching methods, (4) materials / textbooks and CDs about the disaster of nature, and (5) techniques and types assessment of student learning outcomes. Improving the knowledge and skills of teachers and students about the concepts, principles and practice self-rescue if the occurrence of natural disasters. This study is a research and development (R & D) in elementary school. This type of data consists of qualitative and quantitative data. Exploratory data analysis results based disaster mitigation model of learning is conducted qualitatively by descriptive percentage. Analysis of empirical test data using descriptive statistics percentages. Data were analyzed with the results of the implementation of parametric statistical tests, descriptive of the samples using a t-test. Research shows that learning device development results declared effective because it proved able to increase disaster mitigation skills of students, student learning, and the comfortable to be applied at primary school level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.