Personal Care Robots for Older Adults: An Overview

  •  S H Hosseini    
  •  K M Goher    


In recent decades, the usages of robots in variety of industries have been increased. Self-directed robots have appeared in human lives, specifically, in the areas related to the lives of elderly. The population of old people is significantly growing worldwide. Therefore, there the demand for personal care robots is increasing. The aim of this demand is to enhance the opportunity of mobility and promote independence. In the future, robots care will be in very near contact with people lives. But, what caring roles will robots have at home in the future before old persons? It depends not only on the kinds of robots but also those facets of ageing which are discussed in the paper. This article probes the part and function of robots care in the lifecycle of older adults. It contemplates on the advantages and disadvantages of robots application in human life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.