Investment Processes and Economic Model Transformation in the Russian Federation

  •  Irina Vyakina    


The economic development is ensured by the capability of a socioeconomic system to have a stable and extended reproduction connected with investment security and its effective use. An investment scale and efficiency influence the replacement and extended reproduction of fixed capital and the society’s social development. The paper aims at analyzing the specifics of economic development of Russia in the historical context based on investment criteria during the transition to regulated market; identifying the key drivers of economic growth at different stages. The phases of the Russian economy’s market transformation in the course of its restructuring are systematized, the economic development peculiarities are qualitatively characterized in each phase. The common regular connections between an investment process character and an economic development level are found, key economic growth factors are identified in each phase, and their characteristics are defined. The level of a social development in the course of the Russian Federation economy’s market transition is assessed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.