Work Value Congruence and Job Performance: Buffering Role of Leader Member Exchange and Core Self Evaluation

  •  Shivganesh Bhargava    
  •  Harsh Pradhan    


Value congruence with the organization has shown a positive relationship with job performance of employees. This study aims to identify the impact of work relationships (LMX) and individual factor (CSE) on this relationship. We hypothesize that leader member exchange (LMX) and core self-evaluation (CSE) would interact with work value congruence (VC) to effect job performance. In a sample of 868 employees from various organization in India, we found LMX and CSE have positive moderation with VC to effect job performance. The results contribute to person-environment fit literature by demonstrating the buffering nature of LMX and CSE for low value congruence to increase job performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.