Whose Choice Is It? The Role of Attitude in Determining Customer’s Intention to Use the Courier

  •  Sri Setiyawati    
  •  Budhi Haryanto    
  •  Tulus Haryono    


Numerous researchers have centered their attention on attitude towards an intention to use services, but only a few have focused on attitude towards customer’s intention to use the courier. This paper aims to better understand the product quality, price reasonableness as well as brand image that influence the attitude, and lastly the role of attitude as a mediator towards consumer’s intention to use a courier in Indonesia.

A total of 100 questionnarires were obtained from customers through random sampling. Using an Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) approach which was intended to test the hypotheses; with a significance level p ≤ 0.05. The findings show that product quality, and brand image are influencing the attitude of courier usage. The different results indicated that price reasonableness does not influence the attitude of courier usage, whereas the attitude ables to act as mediator to product quality, price reasonableness, and brand image towards the intention to use a courier.

Concerning intention to use thecourier, our findings support an attitude dimensions that represents a commitment to improving a product quality standard and positive perception of the brand image. The evidence is also found for the multidimensional attitude model of attitudes: that attitude predicted by the product quality has followed by an adoption common standard. Moreover, our results state that the brand image is stronger predictors of attitude than product quality and moreover price reasonableness that the dimensions of attitude toward a differential impact on intention to use acourier, with affective attitude appearing are more strongly related to intention. In summary, this study suggests that it is considerably more likely that attitudes will be closely related to actions. There’s a need for future studies to extend the model of this research by adding other independent variables that are able to describe consumer demand.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.