Impact of College Students’ Romantic Relationship Changes on Reorientation of Mate Selection Criteria

  •  Qisheng Zhan    
  •  Wenjie Chi    
  •  Kevin Iglesias    
  •  Xiaoran Yang    
  •  Yanling Xue    
  •  Han Wang    
  •  Jing Zhang    
  •  Chuanyun Lu    
  •  Miao Li    


Students may experience two kinds of important romantic relationship changes during their transition from high school to higher education. One is a break-up between previously dating partners, and the other is the establishment of a romantic relationship between students who were single before. These two kinds of experiences also affect orientation of their mate selection criteria. This study takes samples from freshmen with different romantic relationship experiences. The freshmen’s dynamic assessment data towards mate selection criteria are obtained by means of investigative questionnaires related to mate selection criteria. Especially, reorientation to mate selection criteria is investigated after their romantic relationship changes. The results show that romantic relationship changes have a significant influence on assessment to the importance of mate selection criteria such as physiological requirements, morality, personality traits, inclusiveness, complementation, affection. Romantic relationship changes don’t have significant influence on assessment to the importance of physical and social conditions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.