On Chinese Tai Chi Culture: Contemporary Values and International Communication

  •  Zhiyuan Lin    


As one indispensable part of traditional Chinese culture, Tai Chi has a long history with more than five thousand years. Today as society is developing in such a fast pace, Tai Chi is also displaying its unique contemporary values, mainly including the aesthetic value, the medical value, the economic value, the psychological value and the interpersonal value. Tai Chi is not only a type of martial arts, but it also represents a philosophical viewpoint, a rewarding way to keep health, a medical treatment of various diseases, an unconventional life attitude. However, Tai Chi not only belongs to Chinese people, but to all people in the world. To promote the international communication of Tai Chi culture, five effective approaches are to be followed, mainly in terms of academic communication, governmental cooperation, non-governmental cooperation, combination of theory and practice, and development of Tai Chi cultural industry.

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