Walking Aids for Older Adults: Review of End-User Needs

  •  Nazanin Mansouri    
  •  Khaled Goher    


Aged population of senior citizens is growing noticeably at different regions in the world. Consequently, there are great numbers of demands for healthcare services. One of the services is assistive walking devices which have important role in mobility, stability, walking, and independency of older adults. Although various type of walking devices are available for older adults, yet fall incidents with severe injuries take place. Therefore, it is critical to analyze fall incidents, find out fall factors, and assess walking devices to minimize fall. This paper mainly focuses on risk factors of fall, considerable role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in walking devices, and also analyzes fall incidents with the purpose of understanding how fall incidents take place. This paper assists to have a clear understanding about fall incidents and its associated injuries.

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