The Extradition, between Iran Rights and International Rights, According to Palermo Convention

  •  Mohammadreza Moradi Poshtdarbandi    


Extradition is a process which requires international judicial cooperation and its successful implementation will be the guarantor of justice and prevent impunity and escape the Probable criminals and suspects to countries far away from the crime scene. In the last two centuries globally in many countries have enacted expanded domestic law in the area of extradition to many extradition treaties and international conventions in this field has joined. Palermo Convention, including the most recent documents that contain comprehensive provisions on extradition and numerous countries has come to join in. In Iran in 1960 Legislator comprehensive and modern law in the area of extradition imposed And many international laws in this area has been invoked and respected. So, we gathered to view the article Ferraro circuit analysis on the world of law and the Palermo Convention and international law in the field of extradition elaborated on. The present article deals with these issues on two separate levels.

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