Intercultural Administration of International Students A Case Study at Jinan University

  •  Lixia Wen    


Cultural differences among international students refer to their differences in beliefs, values, understandings, behavioral codes, manners, and customs. Because of these cultural differences, it is important to take interculture into consideration and take appropriate actions in the teaching and administration of international students. From the perspective of interculture, the paper discusses the teaching and administration of international students in China, based on a case study at Jinan University. It highlights the characteristics between the East and West through the students’ interactions within the different cultures, and attempts to put forward feasible solutions to the cultural adaptability of international students. I (or we, depending on the number of the authors) argue that the education and administration of international students is a kind of intercultural education and administration, and a kind of service-oriented education and administration model. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.