A Traditional Communication of Bugis (Note 1) in the South Sulawesi of Indonesia through the Art Performance of Kecapi

  •  Muslimin M.    


Discussing about traditional communication, it is commonly connected to the tradition concept, which contains a meaning that the concept is a kind of the past finding, but it is commonly reputed as a normative thing by each part of the society. Based on the explanation, it can be concluded that the definition of traditional communication is commonly connected to the folk art performance as a traditional media that is owned by a certain society, as the result it can be identified and understood that a folk art performance is owned by that society and exist as a local wisdom for the society.

Therefore, it can be cleared that discussing about traditional communication is cannot be separated with the traditional folk art performance as a media, a kind of art that is based on the folk story by using media that appears and develops in a certain society. The effort of source finding of this folk story is not only purposed to be performed in the form of art performance, but also it is further expected to carry out messages from the story. Therefore, in the review of traditional communication it is emphasized to the way of carrying the messages that are contained in an art performance as a media. Therefore, this review is not discussed about the art performance furtherly. It means that the performance can use a great and luxurious background, but also can be in a simple form.

South Sulawesi as a former government of the Indonesian Archipelago (the government of Gowa-Tallo and other governments that had been exist in Indonesia) has various kinds of art performance of the traditional media which are still heired for generations, where the function of traditional media is not only as an entertaining public show, but also may be a guidance because of the role of art performance which is full of messages and senses.

Therefore, people who will have an art performance are commonly have to prepare their physic, mental, and psychology, moreover in fact that they will face most of audiences and have an all night (Note 2) performance. So that, in the South Sulawasi, may be in other places, before playing the role as a persistent player in an art performance, the players are commonly practice hard their skill and ability. This ability is usually completed by a mysthical thinking through the magic words or Parimbolo (Bugis’ language). In order to learn the magic words, the players commonly meet the elders, but the magic words are not directly given, but rather have to pass some rituals within certain rules such as white cloth, a cock, or by preparing black sticky rice and black cock (Ajeip Padindang in Monoharto, 2003: ix-x).

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