The Effect and Role of Political Dialogue in Relations between Countries in the Region (with Emphasis on Iran and Tajikistan Model: SCO)

  •  Mahmoud Shahbandi    


Within review of Iran and Tajikistan and conducted studies, one should take into account some considerations due to geopolitical position viewpoint. In this process, Tajikistan can be considered one of the strong and old cultures and one of the greatest regional civilizations, considering the type of change in its political atmosphere can develop its relation with Iran. Therefore, here. The dialogue is not merely under consideration, rather, the relation within the dialogue is considered at regional level. Reviewing components contributing in relation and political dialogue, objective and means of political dialogue, system analysis and theoretic knowledge and methodology based on political talk and their features in a regional context should be discussed to evaluate the circumstances of Iran and Tajikistan within social and political context for encouraging political dialogue through Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a regional political tool.

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