Opinions of Faculty Members Regarding Quality Implementation in the Faculty of Arts at King Saud University

  •  Aljohara Saud Saud    
  •  Nouf Ibrahim Al Sheikh    


King Saud University has been seeking to achieve excellence and leadership; this is shown through seeking to advance towards the best and to cope with the universities needs by qualifying its employees academically and practically in various fields. Throughout this journey of excellence, King Saud University has adapted the quality system implementation in 2007.This study aims at presenting the opinions and suggestions of faculty members regarding quality implementation mechanisms in the departments of Faculty of Arts at King Saud University. To achieve the goals of the current study, the researchers depend on a questionnaire, which was constructed by both of them to collect data. This tool was constructed based on the standards steps of constructing a questionnaire. The tool has included several focus points which are: social and academic characteristics of the study community that consists of faculty members (n=273), strategies (vision, mission, and goals) which include 8 statements, evaluation which includes 14 statements, and finally communication and engagement which include 5 statements. In light of the results of this study the researchers recommend considering the goals of Quality Units in the departments of Faculty of Arts so that they agree and serve the goals of the development process and the quality in the college and the university, in addition to introducing a clear and announced plan of quality to all employees in the department. In addition, they suggest that Quality Units in the departments of Faculty of Arts should hold training workshops and courses to clarify quality requirements and ensures that they are understood by the employees. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.