An Analysis of Credibility of CEO’s in an Organisation Linkage with Employee Engagement

  •  Seema Sant    


The current study examines the credibility of the respective Chief Executive Officer (CEO’s) in an organization while linking its impacts with the concurrent facets of employee engagement. The credibility of a Chief Executive Officer (from now on referred to as the CEO) can greatly influence his/her employee's behaviour and perception towards the company’s objectives and reputation. A CEO with a credible reputation can help increase the productivity of workforce, the quality and quantity of leads, secure loyal customers, and help in retaining employees. The present study surveyed 186 employees randomly selected from the top 100 companies in India using the questionnaire developed by researcher to measure credibility of CEO linkage with employee engagement. Further the quantitative questionnaires collected from 186 employees were tabulated and analysed in order to study the linkage of the credibility of a CEO in an organization with the employee engagement and its effect on the organization's success. The result shows that the CEO's credibility is positively associated with employee engagement and subsequently affects the organizational reputation and success.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.