Job Satisfaction among College Student Volunteers

  •  A. Nazilah    
  •  I. Rozmi    
  •  I. Fauziah    


Job Satisfaction is an important element to attract college student’s involvement in volunteer clubs. Most studies have looked at job satisfaction of employees and volunteers in developed countries and few studies of job satisfaction done for volunteers in developing countries. This study aims to survey job satisfaction among college student volunteers in Malaysia. A cross sectional survey was conducted among 310 college student volunteers from four regions of peninsular Malaysia. The participants were selected using stratified multistage sampling. Job satisfaction was measured using Job Descriptive Index (JDI).Results of the study revealed that job satisfaction in terms of colleague, leader/leadership, tasks, opportunities for promotion and overall job satisfaction were from moderate to high level. Mean for job satisfaction toward colleague was 43.16 (s.d = 6.63), leader/leadership 41.45 (s.d = 10.19), tasks 41.04 (s.d = 6.07), opportunities for promotion 33.26 (s.d = 10.88) and overall job satisfaction 158.90 (s.d = 25.55). Job satisfaction toward colleague was the highest mean meanwhile opportunities for promotion was the lowest. The implication of college student volunteer’s systems and practices are discussed. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.